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The organization will provide education, services, and product(s) in live and studio media arts, including video, photography, audio, animation, holography, print, VR, CAD, programming, website development and other media and/or computer-related activities including script-writing, exhibits, and performances for individuals, organizations, and businesses of limited resources.


About the Board

The members of the Board do not receive a salary for their service.

Whereas the Board of Directors of the non-profit has the experience and vision to implement the mission of the non-profit

1. Kevin Kent (a/k/a Akiva Kent), Executive Director and Founder: (to ensure the technical and educational mission; providing seed funds and equipment)

    • 30 years of service as a NYS licensed and tenured K-12 teacher; Webmaster; Data and Computer Coordinator in the NYC Dept. of Education

    • Experience in using differentiated and alternative methods of classroom instruction utilizing digital media

    • Experience in motivating students to professional achievement and tolerance and acceptance of ethnic, religious, gender, etc. diversity

    • voted as Teacher of the Year at John F. Kennedy High School

    • Author of Adobe Flash-based NYS Regents prep. website, Regents Quest (R)

    • member of a Baltimore Home Schooling network and various “House concert” groups

    • Eagle Scout and current Merit Badge counselor, especially of various media-related badges

    • 25 years operating a for-profit media business (video, audio, photo,web), formerly Maximum Impact Media, Inc. in NYS

    • live and studio audio/video recording, mixing; event and celebrity photography

    • served as a faculty of media and multimedia education at a business college (Westchester Business Institute)

    • 3 year Board member of the Borderline Folk Music Club of Rockland County

    • Videographer, photographer, audio recording, webmaster for Borderline Folk Music Club

    • will donate IRS-appraised, professional quality equipment from his 25-year business to seed the 501c3

    • providing seed funds

    • author of an Artist Development Grant through the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance utilitizing 3D video, animation, and VR

    • furthering his educational and professional development through matriculation in classes on digital animation and game design/development

2 . Mordecai Shuchatowitz (a/k/a Rabbi Mordecai Shuchatowitz) (to ensure that the organization has the highest ethics in financial and legal matters)

    • Baltimore Rabbinical Court, Presiding and head

    • Agudath Israel of Greenspring Avenue, Presiding Congregational Rabbi

    • Instructor of financial/legal matters @ Ner Israel Rabbinical College

    • Author of numerous Talmudical volumes for a major publisher (Artscroll)

3. Zachary Friedman (a/k/a Rabbi Shmuel Friedman) (to ensure the mission of the organization for alternative youth education and employment)

    • Congregation Bais Nosson, Presiding Congregational Rabbi

    • Co-founded Tiferes HaTorah, providing alternative education and employment for collegiate-level young adults

4. Nochum Wilner, CPA, MST (to ensure fiscal responsibility, planning and oversight)

    • Corporate and personal accountant

    • Certified Financial planner

    • Certified Insurance

    • Masters degree in Taxation, Certified Public Accountant

5. Yosef Salazar, Esq. (Resident Agent; to ensure legal oversight and compliance)

    • Salazar Law, P.C.

    • Salazar Law, PC is a law firm with offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Brooklyn, New York, dedicated to providing quality legal and title services to our clients at the most reasonable prices.

    • Yosef Chaim Salazar, Esq., a native of Panama and a graduate of Columbia Law School in New York, concentrates his practice in real estate law, as well as commercial litigation.

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