Fundraising and Financial Action Plan.

Our Plan

1. The non-profit will sell products and tickets created by students and staff which may include but not limited to studio recording sessions, performance events, music festivals by non-profit members (students and staff), or outside the non-profit artists and musicians. Products will relate to these artists and events and may include web events such as live streaming, VR, websites, sponsorships, T-shirts/caps/mugs/print media, webzines, books, ebooks, optical media (CD/DVD), royalty-sharing of recordings, etc.

2. The non-profit will create and maintain a website and social media as relates to their mission (pending after all governmental documents have been approved)

3. The non-profit will provide equipment and media services to the public and artists/musicians for a reasonable donation

4. The students will volunteer to fund-raise on behalf of the non-profit whether in person or by participating at fund-raising activities

5. These are possible intended activities:

  • Internet (social media, website, “donate button”, sponsorship and donor recognition)

  • Grants (government, corporate and foundation)

  • Special Events and Product Sales (studio or event-related fees, ticket sales, sponsorship, event-related merchandise sales, sponsorship and donor recognition, and royalty sharing)

  • Direct Marketing (sometimes called Crowdfunding)

  • Individual Major Donors Gifts

  • Raffle and “Chinese Auction”

  • educational scholarships

  • Artist management and development

  • Educational (produced by students) and event/studio produced products (video, audio, photo, web, VR with recordings of events or fulfillment of product after the event, (e.g. media of the event)

  • seek Corporate and business donorship of equipment and software (apply to Tech Soup)

6. Activities in progress and pending:

  • The MD Sales Tax Exemption request (SUTEC) has been filed on January 29, 2018 and pending approval

  • Once approved, a MD sales tax account will created to collect sales tax at events from sales of “products”

  • A Rubys Artist Development Grant has been applied for on February 28, 2018 which will encompass 3D video, animation, and VR

  • Various videos have been made and are ongoing; posted on the YouTube channel,

7. We seek to continue to positively impact society through media-related activities and alliances:

  • partnering with local “house concert” groups such as Guitars of Pikesville Community Circle; met with Coordinator, Rick Sambuco

  • Recruitment of volunteers and Board members by a posting at Business Volunteers

  • and will continue to recruit volunteers and Board members of media-related activities and of diverse ethnicity, religion, gender, etc.

  • Past and schedules attendance at Tax, Fundraising, and Grant-writing seminars by WALA-DC (Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts) and Community Law Center

  • Attended webinars by Grantspace through The Foundation Center

  • reviewed the Foundation Center Online Grant Database at Enoch Pratt Library

  • Attended workshop for non-profit Board Excellence by Anna Tatro, Grants Collection specialist at Enoch Pratt Library

  • Scheduled appointment with Anna Tatro for finding grants targeted for our organization

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