Maximum Impact Media

We help individuals, organizations, and businesses with limited resources have access to media education and services.

Students have an alternative education for workforce development.

We love supporting talented, emerging artists who lack the technical skills and funds for media services and products.


We take a different approach to media production and put your goals at the center of our process.

In a convergent media society, we encompass video, audio, photography, web. animation, and VR production.

Maximum Impact Media, Inc. YouTube channel

Videos across the range from documentary-style, weddings, lectures, music performances, etc.

Live and studio music performances is our specialty.

"Live" or formally, ensemble recording, takes special skill in mic selection and placement if audio-for-video is possible, working with the live or studio sound engineer and venue, lighting,  multi-camera editing and synchronizing the seperately recorded audio with the audio on the video.

Many audio engineers are not familiar with audio-for-video recording: placing mics which impair the video or being familiar with "engineered" over-dubbed studio recordings. Live sound engineers may pick microphones suitable for reducing room feedback but not a high-quality audio recording which can be sync'd with the video. Uniquely, we have experience in both these areas.

A performance video especially captures the dynamics and energy of the musicians.
A performance DVD or streamed media is a showcase for future bookings besides being a potential product.

We do multi-camera 3D video which adds an extra layer of editing complexity.

Every venue is unique with its limitations for external recording, room acoustics, lighting, camera placement, the audience. We have years of experience in understanding and working with personnel and making decisions.

The video above showcases an extraordinarily talented band, Gathering Time, where the venue provided the lighting and live sound. Only the on-camera mic was available to use in this 2-camera shoot. We chose the rear camera for the location sound.

We do all kinds of video, especially the one that fits your budget.


As a 501(c)(3) organization, importantly, if you qualify within our mission, then your service represents a charitable tax donation to you.

VIdeo that fits your budget

If you’re not sure what kind of video you want, we’ll help you with your ideas to create the best video for your needs and budget.

Perfectly-designed video

We’re ideally placed to help you come up with a refreshing new concept for your video which will set you apart from the rest.

Video according to your requirements

You might simply say to us “I need a video,” and that’s it. Or you might give us a clear brief with challenging requirements.

Stylish video

Whatever style of video you choose, the steps we follow will be similar. We are confident that our processes are fully refined.

We have it covered: video, audio, photo, web, live video streaming.

This is the age of convergent media.

Studio tracking, photography, website





We recorded some songs using over-dubbing technique in the studio for the Reggae artist, DMelody. As a full-service, convergent media production company, we shot photos and made a web site, which included his own recordings and CD graphics, and our recording.


Please click the CD cover above to see the website which requires Adobe Flash player.

Studio "live" recording, photography, graphics, DVD production, online fulfillment, non-profit collaboration

This was a "live" studio recording for supporting the Borderline Folk Music Club of Rockland County, N.Y.  The DVD case cover was done with our photography, graphics, and out-sourced offset printing. The DVD was printed in-house for sale on CDBaby. The artists saved hundreds of dollars with a large replication house. CDBaby allowed him online fullfillment. It was a win-win-win for the artist - Borderline Folk Music Club - and our organization.

Simple 1-camera, on-camera mic for social media live streaming


A rare privilege to record Avraham Rosenblum, the Rockin' Rabbi, father of Jewish Rock 'N' Roll,  in his studio, Rare Productions during a live on social media, YouTube and Facebook. The recording was post-produced for our YouTube channel.

We love to support emerging artists.

They are full of fresh passion for their art!

You never know where their career could grow!

Simple 1-camera YouTube in the studio


This was Noach the Rapper's debut YouTube that he always wanted to make but didn't know how. We are experienced in guiding him through the process for a very reasonable donation.


Simple 1-camera YouTube on location

We stumbled upon this very talented street performer, Mendel, a ventriloquist, while in Safed, Israel, whom we afforded the opportunity to have an online presence on our YouTube channel, something beyond his financial and technical means.  The children on location and in the online audience loved it, too!

Multi-camera , direct-mic YouTube on location

WFMA invited us back again after we recorded Gathering Time, where this very dynamic and talented  performer performed. Click here for her website.

Lazer Lloyd, we grew with him from emergence to a star!

Studio overdub recording

With the collaboration of the the talented Todd Guidice, an engineer, we tracked and mixed the band, Yood, in our studio.  Lazer Lloyd, a member of this unique, vibrant, and very talented Jewish rock and blues trio, was a rising star. later to open for the superlative Buddy Guy, and be featured in Vintage Guitar magazine.

Simple 1-camera YouTube in-studio, on-camera mic

Humbled and privileged to video Lazer Lloyd recording at Dani Aloni studio in Yishi, Israel.

1-camera, location audio documentary-style promotional YouTube video with photos, music, location video, and interviews.

We like to help emerging businesses, especially those of the downtrodden.

Videos sell.

Tie-dye tzitzit, Safed, Israel


Tie-dye tzitzit began with the happenchance friendship between Yitzchak Katzburg and Avrumi Weiss. Avrumi tragically lost both legs in a car accident. He wanted to do a mitzvah which included teaching others to help a fellow Jew.

Lev La Lev Orphanage, Netanya, Israel; office in Monsey, NY


We recognized a need: a professionally produced promotional video and approached Lev LaLev do such. It's astounding success was measured by an astounding increase donations.

Kollel Beit Shemesh


We saw a need and stepped up to the plate. Rabbi Chaim Dalfin started a new Kollel in Ramat Bet Shemesh. We recorded some lectures. The online YouTube presence enabled increased visibility and subsequenc enrollment.

1-camera, mic audio documentary-style to promote globally important social activist causes.

As G-d does, so do we. We support the downtrodden.

We let those that had no voice yet yearned to be heard, have voice. Whether you agree with them or not, they deserve to be given a chance to be heard in their own words.

We made videos to get clemency for Jonathan Pollard, those evicted from Gush Katif, Rubashkin's release, against Islamic terrorism, and many others.

Simchas with style... our videos bring a smile!

We video weddings, bar mitzvahs, annual dinners, and other events to fit your budget.

Wedding videography and photography for those of limited resources.


Lasting happiness for their years together.


It's a mitzvah to gladden the hearts of the groom and the bride.

Bar Mitzvah videography and photography for those of limited resources.

This young man has Down Syndrome. He has enjoyed repeatedly watching his video on DVD and now on YouTube.  We made effort to make it as entertaining and creative as possible.