Maximum Impact Media

We help individuals, organizations, and businesses with limited resources have access to media education and services.  Students have an alternative education for workforce development.

We love supporting talented, emerging artists who lack the technical skills and funds for media services and products.

Our Services

If you want us to work closely on your production from start to finish, or just lend a hand with something in between, we have a full range of services on offer.

Video, TV and film production


We work with professional quality camera, audio, and lighting equipment.


We have special video editing plugins for synchronizing multi-camera audio together and also with outboard-recorded audio.

Animation and special effects


We have specialists doing computer graphics: video design, 2D,  3D, and 3D stereoscopic animation, motion design and visual effects. We exploring emerging Game Design and VR with the HTC Vive.


We have a special video editing plugin for exporting 3D stereo video shot with our multi-camera HD format professional video cameras.

Branding, advertising or Web design

A quality promotional, corporate, documentary or performance video is a product of a large number of professionals: copywriters, art-direсtors, directors, cameramen, editing directors, composers, special effects, etc.

We have a team of specialists for you for your production and print/optical media.

We understand and create media-related websites.

Graphic design for print and optical media

With our graphic design and photographic experience, we can create your album cover and CD/DVD art, posters, T-shirts, photo albums, or other "merch" for small in-house replication, independent distribution on or your concerts, or glass-master duplication


We have it covered!

Live sound engineering for PA and/or recording; or studio recording and mixing.

Our specialty is ensemble recording, live or in the studio. "Live" ensemble recording captures the naturalness and energy of the musician or band. Consider this instead of over dubbing.

We understand room acoustics, mic selection and placement, and video for audio. Many audio engineers don't conceptualize the BIG picture of your project video, audio, photo. web

We can also provide Voice Overs for video work.

Computer technology

Tom the tech: computer technology guru extradinaire will service your PC or electronics or give you training.

He is expert at both hardware, OS, and Networking.

If programming, coding, or web-scripting is your thing. We can do that or train you also.

What One of the Artists Says About Us

I am writing to thank you again for your excellent work in producing our promotional video concert. You and your staff are professional, courteous, and easy to work with.

   >  " VERY Nicely done. Thank you, Akiva - It's beautiful!"

         -- Hillary Foxsong

   >  "Hey, Akiva, just viewing it now. Wow! Really looks

        (and sounds) good so far! Didn't realize you'd done so

        much editing. Beautifully done!"

        -- Stuart Markus


Gathering Time

Voted #1 Folk-rock band of Long Island