Maximum Impact Media

We help individuals, organizations, and businesses of limited resources have access to media education and services.

Students have an alternative education for workforce development.

We love supporting talented, emerging artists who lack the technical skills and funds for media services and products.

Projects -

Digital Talmud

We take a different approach to media production and put your goals at the center of our process.

In a convergent media society, we encompass video, audio, photography, web. animation, and VR production.

Digital collaborative, multimedia Talmud:

"Talmudic swimming lessons"

by Akiva Kent and various students at Maximum Impact Media, Inc.

Technical skills learned and used: Firefox, Windows 10, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop CC 2018, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018, Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017, Adobe Audition, Adobe Animate and (formerly) Flash Pro with Actionscript 3, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat DC, HTML5, CSS, server side scripting with PHP, client side scripting with Javascript, client side datatypes (XML, JSON)

Behavioral skills learned and used: conversation/social interaction, Executive function (planning, time management), collaborative learning

Academic skills: storyboarding, scriptwriting, literacy, research, Talmudic study

Flash splash page, menu and navigation to HTML5 Daf launch page

HTML5 Daf launch page